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Charcuterie Board


Charcuterie boards are perfect for easy entertaining and always look impressive. The fancy name “charcuterie” refers to the culinary art of meat preparations from sausages to pâtés and more. I personally like to serve my meat preparations with a variety of different cheeses, antipasto and wine. Check out my tips below on putting together the perfect charcuterie and cheese board!

Variety: Make Sure to include something salty, sweet, crunchy, soft and chewy. Have something on the board to suite everyones tastes. This can be pickles, olives, grapes, spiced nuts, figs, etc.

Cheese: Have at least three different types of cheese: one strong, one sharp, and one spread. Extra points for a baked cheese.

Meats: Have a selection of meats including dried sausages, sliced prosciutto and even spreadable Pâté.

Bread and Crackers: Have a variety of crackers as well as some fresh crusty bread such as a French loaf.

Wine: Serve with both a red and white wine or a crisp dry cider.

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Andrea Villneff is a Nutritionist, Chef and Professional Home Economist. She is the owner of Lime and Lemon Media, a company that creates quality content for those in the food industry. With a degree in nutrition and a culinary diploma from Liaison College she creates engaging and original content. Andrea loves sharing her passion for food with the world.

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