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Fun Holiday Drinks

winter celebration

Champagne served up with “frozen cranberry” skewers. Fresh cranberries were soaked in sugar water then sprinkled with white sugar to give the frosty look. In this image I was experimenting with bokeh to create a festive holiday spirit.


egg nog

Eggnog served with a touch of brandy. In this photograph I was also experimenting with bokeh to create a festive holiday spirit.


Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate will always be a winter time classic. Jazz up this deliciously rich drink however you wish. In this image I wanted to play around with natural textures to really bring out the feeling of a true northern winter.

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Andrea Villneff is a Nutritionist, Chef and Professional Home Economist. She is the owner of Lime and Lemon Media, a company that creates quality content for those in the food industry. With a degree in nutrition and a culinary diploma from Liaison College she creates engaging and original content. Andrea loves sharing her passion for food with the world.

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